Welcome to the Hudson’s  Blog

We are Barbara and Fenton, longtime residents and activists of the Wayside section of Ocean Township in Monmouth County, New Jersey.   Since 2005 we have been on the scene of our community attending important township meetings and working with other residents on township problems.     During this time, when major   newspaper reporters disappeared from the scene,  we decided   to pick up the slack, sending out reports   about four of our most important monthly township meetings:  council, school board, sewer authority and planning board.  Later we added periodic email summaries and then articles of   local, regional, state, national,   and international news derived from internet   newspapers and alternative websites for  citizens to acquire information beyond that available  and  what seemed  rampant propaganda from  most of our mainstream news outlets.    Our email list of over 300 reaches many more as residents receiving the reports send them on to others.

This period of activism is actually our second as a previous and first began in the early 70’s ending in 1980. Then, concentrated on environmental interests in our rapidly developing community, we worked with other local activists to help assure residential and commercial development   proceeded as sanely as possible.     During that period Fenton  was  township manager for nearly four years, preparing us well for our future endeavor, as did Barbara’s experience who had  worked with other activists at the statehouse in Trenton where she found her lifelong interest to understand related local, state and national issues.   During those 70’s   citizen activism like ours had been growing and effective in communities around the nation and its statehouses.    What seemed to bring its growth  to a standstill, and now makes it  at least for us  just a brief and shining moment,  was  the national election of 1980 reaching  in contrast  another  climax  that was the  power of money, media and celebrity  to win office.   Discouraged, we retired from activism while realizing   dire national and local issues, not to be addressed, were destined to get worse to erupt in the future.    Barbara had recorded   such thoughts and her experiences in a book that we published and distributed ourselves, an experience convincing us more that such action of citizens although having the upmost need  was in general demeaned and overshadowed by the intense spotlight focused on the powerful few.     Democracy that such efforts represented    was being obliterated in our nation of growing empirical ambitions.  Enormous accumulated power was and would continue to be concentrated in our government and its financial supporters.  In 2005 our second phase of activism began after reading our local mayor was indicted for bribery, the first of many similar indictments made by our ambitious and soon to be governor, Chris Christie, who was then U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey.    The time had come to return.   This blog represents the latest phase of our current activism.

The blog began  in September of 2013 with the posting of our review of the Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick book, The Untold History of the Unites States.    This  reading made us more   clearly aware of our empire and its militarism to come to  write a review of it  to attach to one of our newsletters and then post it to our new  blog.     Also,  with  the book inspiring us to  think more about the fate of our nation,  we composed a long essay that, although a personal interpretation,   is filled with much documented information.     Following,  postings  came to  include important “alternative news articles”  for readers to expand their knowledge of what is happening in our country–information that mainstream corporate media usually and simply  ignore.    In addition  we began postings     articles in our archival section  from our relevant  research concluded in 2008 covering major events mainly from the Clinton and Bush Jr. administrations.  That section also includes a history or our Ocean Township’s scandals that became  known to the public around 2005.

As we continue on, we will    begin our blog with new postings on top  to be followed, if not on top,  by     “Finding   your way through out blog and   Index that outlines all of the blog’s  contents.


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